Working capital management in tata steel

SAIL, Durgapur Steel PlantThe list of liabilities includes trade creditors, accounts payable, outstanding or accrued expenses, bank overdraft, outstanding liabilities, short-term loans and borrowings and certain obligations including different provisions, i.

The following integrated steel plants of SAIL have been considered for comparative analysis of their working capital: The analysis of the above table and chart shows that Rourkela Steel Plant has an uneven trend in holding period of raw materials.

The marginal reduction in the amount of other debts had been one of the reasons for the decline in sundry debtors from the year The requirement of working capital also depends on the production policy of the firm.

In the case of trading organization, this phase would be shorter as there would be no manufacturing activity and cash will be converted into inventory directly.

The project contain the basic postulates of working capital, procedures for the analysis of working capital, ratios being used to define the working capital and the impact of shortcomings in the management of it.

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The conventional ratio is 1: Needless to say that if a firm maintains minimum stock level in order to maximize sales by quick rotation of inventory, no doubt, the profit will be maximized since the holding cost of inventory will be minimal.

Similar is the case with liabilities, which may be longterm liabilities and current liabilities. Current Ratio In Times Vol.

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However, the actual ability of the economy to absorb steel depends on the public policy regarding the rates and strategy of investment and overall pace of development.

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The increasing trend is a testimony to the fact that the plant is trying to modernize its production resources. To understand the exact meaning of the term Working Capital, it will be appropriate to understand its two components current assets and current liabilities.

The year is the best in terms of holding period of stores and spares. The portion of fixed working capital which is utilized to carry out the cyclical operation of current assets in the form of conversion of liquid cash into raw materials, raw materials into finished goods, finished goods into debtors and debtors into liquid cash in a continuous manner is known as regular working capital.

Gross working Capital Concept According to the gross concept, working capital means total of all the current assets of a business. As every business concern irrespective of its size, nature, and age needs funds to carry out business operations such as purchase of raw materials, payment of wages and other day-today expenses, working capital becomes an important and integral part of business.

The effect of depreciation policy on working capital is, therefore indirect.Cases in Financial Management.

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Tata McGraw-Hill Education Working Capital Management and Finance Khanna Manufacturing Company payable payment period plant production proposed raw material Rupees in crore Rupees in lakh share price shareholders sponge iron Steel Industries Limited Tata Tata Tea Limited term loan terpineol.

The study of working capital management at Tata Steel Ltd. should be done in two phases, the first phase begins with (when Indian Government published National Steel Policy and signaled producers to increase production to meet national and international demand) and ending in The period constitutes the second phase when recession hit the world demand and steel production also /5(3).

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I hate writing essays. idk what imma do in college. bipolar disorder research paper biology Wrote my name and 1 sentence and i actually felt a sense of achievement?! ♦ India capacity expansion: Tata Steel will target to double its India capacity in 5 years which will be done through organic (both through Kalinganagar and Jamshedpur facilities) and inorganic route ♦ India focus management: Tata Steel India is unlikely to spend much time on dealing with Tata Steel Europe.

The return Tata Steel earned over their Total Asset in the value reduced in the year It also means to achieve a certain amount of revenue Tata Steel has used more amount of its capital. 3.

Working capital management in tata steel
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