Summary of the book the hot zone

Unfortunately for the U.

The Hot Zone Summary

By the time the victim dies, the liver is like that typically found in a cadaver three or four days after death. After a day of preparation, the operation begins in utmost secrecy, so as not to alert the press and cause mass panic among the public.

Jerry begins to plan with Gene Johnson, seeking to euthanize the animals humanely while ensuring that both civilians and his team remain safe.

Nancy begins to dissect the bodies, while C. His bloody, painful death is re-told in graphic and terrifying terms. Russell, who oversees the Institute.

Monet finds it difficult to interact with those around him, and he is hostile and monosyllabic—another symptom of the virus. Active Themes The next morning, Monet and his friend set off for Kitum Cave, driving as far as they can and then following elephant trails while staying away from dangerous Cape buffalo.

The tale of how this threat was brought under control is riveting. I just read it a few weeks ago. We continue to learn more about Monet, and his love for animals humanizes him and makes us feel sympathy for him.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention conducted blood tests of the animal handlers. Within this narrative, Dr. However, the handler did not show symptoms of the virus after the incubation period.

She died and her blood was sent to disease labs all over the world. This sense of repetition makes the menace of Ebola seem all the more inevitable and unstoppable. Blood comes gushing from all of his orifices, and he expels his intestinal lining as well.

The Hot Zone Summary & Study Guide

Viruses, biosafety levels and procedures were described. Shem Musoke, a talented and personable young physician. Marburg virus, which first broke out in Germany in after factory workers were exposed to infected monkeys.

The doctors at the hospital, stumped, give him an injection of antibiotics, but decide that he should go to Nairobi Hospital. Nancy dissects some of the dead animals, whose bodies have been essentially destroyed by the virus.

The Hot Zone Summary & Study Guide

His bloody, painful death is re-told in graphic and terrifying terms. The shot, however, causes him terrible pain, and after he develops abdominal pain, he begins to wonder whether he may have typhoid fever.

Jahrling then conducts a blood test to find out that the hot agent is the Ebola Zaire virus. Preston records in electrifying detail and with meticulous accuracy the progression of the plagues caused by this virus, focusing over half his book on an outbreak in in Reston, Virginia, spawned by monkeys imported from the Philippines as laboratory animals.

Something in the Forest. By constantly referring to the other people on the plane, Preston also makes clear how easily any or all of them could be infected and then potentially spread their infection to others. The entire facility must be treated as a Hot Zone, and hundreds of monkeys are killed.

Monet also loves birds. Active Themes Monet falls asleep, and Preston again describes the landscape, from the afternoon sun on the valley to the national park filled with zebras and elephants. Tom Jahrling from Fort Detrick came down and took a look at the monkeys and took some samples.

This explains why Ebola is so terrifying, and so difficult to survive. Retrieved November 28, Strains of this virus, far deadlier and considerably swifter than the AIDS virus, are so virulent that, after an incubation period of three to fifteen days, during which they replicate with incredible speed in the cells of primates including humans, they devastate the host by attacking its vital organs and liquefying its flesh and connective tissue.

Somewhere during their exploration, the two come across something infectious and deadly.

The Hot Zone Summary

With his face only inches from Monet, he inserts the laryngoscope, at which point Monet vomits all over the doctor, covering his face and chest as well as the gurney and floor with blood. Active Themes In an attempt to determine what is wrong with Musoke, a team of surgeons led by Dr.

Preston also uses the imagery of sickness hypodermic needles in describing natural beauty—suggesting how these two things can be related.

Some of the people who were infected first in the story were visiting a site in Kenya called Kitum Cave. She was a veterinary pathologist at a military fort in Maryland Jerry Jaax:The Hot Zone: A Terrifying True Story is a best-selling nonfiction thriller by Richard Preston about the origins and incidents involving viral hemorrhagic fevers, particularly ebolaviruses and marburgviruses.

The basis of the book was Preston's New Yorker article "Crisis in the Hot Zone". The Hot Zone opens with the story of Charles Monet, a Frenchman who lives in Western Kenya.

In January he decides to explore Kitum Cave, a natural landmark located on a peak called Mount Elgon. A week later he becomes ill with a fever and vomiting, and he. Immediately download the The Hot Zone summary, chapter-by-chapter analysis, book notes, essays, quotes, character descriptions, lesson plans, and more - everything you need for studying or.

This detailed literature summary also contains Topics for Discussion and a Free Quiz on The Hot Zone by Richard Preston.

Richard Preston’s The Hot Zone: Summary, Setting, Characters

The Hot Zone, a true story that took place in the late 's, is based upon an outbreak of the Ebola virus in a monkey house located in the Washington, D.C. suburb of Reston, Virginia.

The book The Hot Zone, by Richard Preston, is a riveting nonfiction thriller. It captures the reader’s attention during the first chapter, and keeps it through the last page. Preston gives a terrifying and detailed description of the effects of the filovirus Ebola, which is a level four “hot agent,” which means that it is /5().

Preston writes about true events—if sometimes exaggeratedly, as he has admitted—but The Hot Zone is also in the horror or thriller genre. As in many books of this type, here Preston sets a seemingly normal scene, but with an ominous tone of what is to come.

Summary of the book the hot zone
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