Realism iraq war essay

Yet often times, the decisions of these actors are based off skewed ideologies which deviate from those positions which have proven their utility and success in the past. Compare these statistics to those of the United States which maintained twenty-two combat ready army divisions, over fifteen hundred combat ready aircraft, and two hundred and fifty nine combat ships To contain and moderate their conflicts, United Nation adopted Resolution to stop both from total war.

However, by escalating the conflict to total war when the Iraqi military clearly posed no threat to the safety of the United States nor jeopardized its supremacy, the U. This proves that they fight to gain the absolute power in the region. The best point to focus on these relationships is induring the Iranian Revolution.

Realism and the Iraq War

Realists, however, are well aware of the difficulty of spreading democracy, especially by military means. Moreover, United States combat ready troops outnumbered Iraqis nearly four-to-one.

Thus, in a five year period in which the United States was not directly involved in the Vietnam conflict, the VC posed no threat to America. David Hayes Morgenthau understood that if the United States committed large-scale military forces to Vietnam, it would face a major-league insurgency that would be extremely difficult to beat.

In the same year however, the United States had two hundred thousand troops deployed in Vietnam a fraction of the 2. Through international institutions, disagreement could be solved. Introduction of project 2: But once the United States commits huge numbers of soldiers in a country like Iraq, it is no longer free to invade other countries because it is effectively stuck in a quagmire.

Since democracies anticipate that the dictatorships can use deception to attack, they become aggressively prone to war.

Furthermore, once it has been established that realist thought was in fact ignored, evidence supporting the embrace of liberalist ideologies to justify each conflict in offered.

The U.S. – Iraq War

The war claimed over 1. While in prison, he still remained the secretary of the Baath party. End of history logic, in other words, did not apply to this area because virtually no state looked like America.

The Vietnam and Iraq Wars: The Antithesis of Realism

They are unsure that if one of them keeps uprising, another will form alliance and defeat him or not; while if they keep steadily developing, they also face dangers. Iraq agreed on the peace terms but the Iraqis did everything in their power to frustrate the implementation process, especially for the weapons inspection by UN.

City University of Hong Kong. Morgenthau almost certainly would have criticised that policy and the impending war loudly and clearly. Historically, these conflicts have been among the most divisive foreign policy endeavors in United States history and both Vietnam and Iraq exposed the United States armed forces for what they are—a military body, not a diplomatic extension of the State Department or a nation building force.

With so much conflicts, cooperation and coordination should be in lead to alleviate them. In this case, war is the way to contain conflicts.In Mackubins Thomas Owens’ article, Realism, Iraq and the Bush Doctrine, a clarification was given insofar as realist theory is concerned in the context of the publication of the Iraqi Study Group report which recommended that the United States find common grounds with Iran and Syria in ensuring political stability in Iraq and the entire Middle East as well.

Military power according to Realism is a measure of political power relations among states alongside economic power.

The Vietnam and Iraq Wars: The Antithesis of Realism

States are rational and unitary actors whose decisions are always based on a calculation of survival and national security. Probably the most obvious critique of realism with regard to the war on terrorism is that it is a theory that deals with international relations.

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previously gone to war with Saddam Hussein and that Hussein once tried to assassinate George H. W. Bush, would play an important role in a classical realist explanation of the Iraq War. A liberal explanation of the Iraq War could either critique or support the Iraq War, depending on which concepts from liberalism we emphasize more.

The Second Gulf War can be best analyzed using the realism theory of international relations. The US government lobbied for the invasion of Iraq based on the allegations that Iraq was in possession of weapons of mass destruction and that it supported international terrorist groups.

Realism iraq war essay
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