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Lower zone — Inferior area: Through the study of letters called graphological analysis, it is possible to study patterns of writing that identify the psychological state of a person and to evaluate the characteristics of their personality.

Reckless, superficial, elusive, and amiable.

Handwriting Personality Quiz

Schemer, hypocrite, pretentious, secretive, and defensive. Four fun and easy steps to your free report: However, there are a few prerequisites that one needs to follow. A spontaneous text as large and complete as possible shall be required a letter longer that a single page, dated and signed, directed to someone of trust.

Ascending Baseline Descending Baseline Strokes Strokes used in writing can be divided into four types. It is also applicable to other areas such as medicine, psychiatry, law, criminology, education and personnel selection in companies.

This indicates that the writers head controls his heart. It is not recommended: When you use our free handwriting analysis service, you will be using a unique piece of software which I originally created inand adapted in for use on the Web. Depressive, sympathetic, contemplative, and takes on others' pains.

From the movement of extension, profiles turn out. Hence, handwriting can describe the past. How to analyze handwriting Handwriting Analysis Chart: This indicates extreme sensitivity, moodiness, unpredictability, versatility, and ambivalence.

Psycological factors operated when your pen writes drawing letters over the paper. People with straight hand are independent and are able to control their emotions in time of crisis.

They can also be impulsive Straight: The highly developed superior areas including a lot of text facing upwards speak about idealistic, spiritual, mentally active and imaginative people.

Graphology Basics: What your Handwriting Reveals

Just copy and paste the codes onto your site and you are all set to go! From right to left or hand or finger adduction, sinistrogyrous or levogyrous.

Hence, handwriting can describe the past. Size In the sections below, different handwriting types and their associated behavioral traits have been listed along with specimens. Mysticurious Staff Last Updated: What kind of writings and tools are necessary for graphological analysis?

Handwriting Analysis Chart

I am on a short break. Upright writing indicates reliance, a slant towards the left indicates introversion and towards the right indicates extroversion. When the text is placed on the center, in the middle area, may be a sign of egocentrism and narcissism.

According to graphic symbolism of space, conduct is reflected in writing. Copying any image and other content on MysticBoard is strictly prohibited.You've Discovered the World's Most Popular Free Online Handwriting Analysis Website.

We use our eyes and our brains to generate an amazingly insightful 5 page written personality profile. And, it's free. Get your free page personalized personality assessment based on your handwriting, right now.

Handwriting Analysis and Personality Quiz According to graphologists, your handwriting can reveal quite a few details about your personality. Take our quiz below to analyze your handwriting and get your personality description. Graphology Basics: Handwriting reveals your personality Graphology Basics.

From the point of view of movement in execution, the graphic impulse may take four different directions called vectors:. Handwriting analysis a.k.a graphology is a scientific discipline to assess one's personality. It is defined as a scientific study and analysis of handwriting, or the art of interpreting character and personality through handwriting.

Graphology or handwriting analysis is a scientific study of handwriting used to analyze an individual's personality. Your handwriting tells a lot about your personality and helps you come to know yourself better; it tells you about your nature, your positive and negative traits, your behavior and much more.

FREE handwriting analysis - the most accurate handwriting analysis on the web using the Graphonomizer software. A division of. Visit main store. Home; Introduction-Handwriting analysis introduction-The science of Graphonomy A free online handwriting personality self-test.

Free handwriting analysis personality
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