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Also, feeling the need to express herself as a woman, but lacking the ability to achieve this. The Queen would make a bad enemy, and it was a brave or a foolish man who crossed her. Clearly, the guy elizabeth i handwriting analysis across as haughty. And, even though I can get some information from this type of sample I still felt a little limited by this so the idea that you can actually analyze typed samples and doodles was a really cool discovery in this course.

I do; yet dare not say I ever meant! Graphological opinion of Elizabeth I is often based upon her signature, but an assessment of her actual handwriting reveals surprising facts about this highly complex woman.

But be that as it may, this is what emerged — and you will see what I mean from the contents of the letter.

Queen Elizabeth

The wide word spacing indicates loneliness, and, coupled with the right slant and rounded open movements, a craving for affection, with the mingling of lines revealing her lack of awareness for achieving this, i.

She would be surrounded by a great entourage of ladies-in-waiting, courtiers and servants, and must have made a stunning entrance, creating a sense of awe in all who saw her. Elizabeth never married, but occasionally she showed favour to a particular courtier, bestowing both her affection, great honours and even land and wealth.

Day 1 – Slant in Handwriting

Although the capitals are large in proportion to the body, it is unpretentious in its clarity and simplicity. I still feel like I want more information on Handwriting Analysis and would love to take an even more in depth class in the future.

I love; and yet am forced to seem to hate! The form level is high. Amanda from Littleton, Colorado, US at Style is very correct and proper, as would be necessary in a letter to the Queen, which would normally not reveal a great deal in itself, being a "persona" script, and something of a "mask".

It is in her personal life and sense of identity that we see the confusion and uncertainty. I look forward to learning more. A fine demonstration of dignified modesty.

The emotional writing at times also give the impression that she was under pressure, with little time to consider herself, and having to be totally committed to her task. Jolynda from Knoxville, Tennessee, US at That is one thing that absolutely annoys me about most handwriting analysis books on the market.

Sample - C Elizabeth's signature circa Sample C bears the famous signature produced in on the warrant for the execution of the Earl of Essex, two years before the Queen's death. However, she was finally forced to sign the execution warrant of her "favourite", the handsome, dashing young Essex, when his plot was uncovered to take over the throne with the help of the Irish rebel leader, Tyrone.

That is textbook definition of desire for attention.Elizabeth Taylor’s Handwriting Analyzed Robert W. March 23, 10 Now before I do any celebrity’s handwriting, I have to make a notation to my readers that I do not use the public persona of the individual to validate or justify the things that I see.

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Handwriting Analysts / New Jersey / Elizabeth, NJ Handwriting Analysts. you are viewing. pleasing humor. Soothsayers utilize an array of mysterious techniques. In addition to the ever popular tarot, palm and handwriting analysis, authentic numerology, psychometry and runic stone (more) Psychic from.

The Queen’s Charming Letter. by Sandra Fisher / 3 Comments / View / April 21, Sandra Fisher However, as you well know, this is a blog about handwriting so I thought we should take a look at Queen Elizabeth’s handwriting.

Little did I expect to find such a charming and informal letter. Here is a handwriting sample from Elisabeth Murdoch, daughter of Rupert Murdoch.

Elisabeth Murdoch Handwriting Sample (Analyze it!)

I’m sure some of you may know who she is, but before you look her up, analyze the handwriting sample and tell us. Day 1 – Slant in Handwriting. Day 1 – Slant in Handwriting.

Jordon Iconic March 6, Elizabeth Jesse. Robert W. 7 years ago Permalink. Hi Elizabeth, I always knew they used handwriting analysis for forgery, but never knew it revealed personality.

I was kind of freaked out wondering what the analysis would say about me. This Advanced Handwriting Analysis Course offers you priceless information that will enhance your Handwriting Analysis skills and build your successful Hypnotherapy Practice.

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Elizabeth Taylor’s Handwriting Analyzed

Elizabeth from Staten Island, New.

Elizabeth i handwriting analysis
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