Corporate governance and corporate social responsibility essay

I essay I essay. Compared to other means of achieving publicity for a the impact that WalMart has made is a relatively low cost way to increase public exposure to a CSR campaign or effort. Social conscience has not until recent times been a part of the corporate structure or responsibility.

The role of external forces in driving or influencing businesses to embrace CSR is huge in all ramifications.

Essay on corporate governance and social responsibility

Asbestos was mainly used in domestic and industrial buildings, brake linings, fibro sheeting, pipes and insulation. Identify the various stakeholders of James Hardie and list next to each stakeholder group what corporate governance responsibilities are owed by its board of directors and senior management to each stakeholder group.

These are the monetarist and the ethicist theories. The likes of Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund WWFOxfam, Rainforest Alliance and Amnesty International to mention a few, have pressured the corporate world to embrace measures that protects the environment, fights against child labour and the use of sweat shops, uphold rights of indigenous communities where extractive business activities takes place, feed the hungry and many other good courses.

In studies conducted by Moon and Vogel and Mckinsey on the environmental sustainability of the retail industry, highlighted several challenges ranging from waste management to electricity consumption to mode of recycling to mention a few. Orlitzky, et alinferred that the inconsistency in the debate over CSR involve fundamental conceptual issues.

Issues emanating from CSR covering broad areas such as: The six short answer questions will relate to material cover for modules 1, 2 and 3 and assess learning outcomes 1, 2, and 3 listed below. Sen and Bhattacharya study revealed that CSR in the corporate world is greatly influenced by the consumer-business congruence with consumers acting as a major instigator.

Shareholders are more inclined to invest in businesses with outstanding corporate reputation. In so doing, they have to conform "to the basic rules of the society, both those embodied in law and those embodied in ethical custom" Bowie,p. The internal factors are driven by shareholders, management or employees who demand their companies embrace convictions that make them good corporate citizens while the external drivers are the consumers, government agencies, NGOs and other pressures emanating from outside requesting the company adhere to socially and environmentally responsible behaviors.

Monetary donations often come in the form of sponsorships, grants, or donations; whereas or non-monetary support will often take the form of services, products, property, use of the company's facilities, employee time, and so on Tonello, Corporate Giving as a Positive Business Strategy In as much as they present unfair opportunities for managers to reap personal benefits out of company resources, researchers contend that corporate giving programs are still a common form of CSR Caviola, et al.

The process of getting that tea, coffee, chocolate or beef from Sainsbury to the consumer and how the consumer trash the leftovers all have certain effect on the environment that the implementation of effective CSR intends to address. Again, as a government regulatory body, the SEC performs its legal oversight of corporate America without a true social conscience.

More important, there is the ability to define and grow within a company based on the external environment and the way in which a corporation functions within a given context. Select network In recent decades, social media outlets have proved to be great networking tools for not only individuals around the globe, but also multinational corporations.

Other policies of government towards promoting CSR in businesses includes for the funding of research, voluntary product labeling schemes and the setting up of guidelines for financial reporting especially for publicly quoted companies. These different perspectives accorded to CSR covers broad perspectives such as: What, beyond the product or service, do corporations owe to their communities?

While efforts are being made such as applying green technology to overcoming these challenges more effort are still needed to really achieve success and such effort besides spending so much money requires a simple change in behaviour that discourages unsustainable environmental practices.

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The Conscience of Capitalism: Xun, Chen, Han Ya-qin. What Role for the Regulator, Director, and Auditor?. An example of this is seen through the businesses that are functioning in China and the expected levels of corporate social responsibility that are defined in this arena.

Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility&nbspEssay

Corporate social conscience has never been built into economic business models Angelidis and Ibrahim, Business entities are increasingly applying sustainable practices in their operational activities. Social supply is influenced by: This has become even more imperative with the growing sophistication and demands of consumers in Western countries like the United Kingdom UK for brands that are socially and environmentally responsible for without which their continued patronage may be stalled.

Philanthropy and Social Responsibility: Corporate Governance&nbspEssay

The expectations of corporate management, stockholders, and government oversight do not equate to a social moral expectation or consciousness.

Agency problems are relatively more common in those areas of business characterized by little monitoring and huge expenditures Tonello, Excerpt from Essay: Corporate Governance: Philanthropy and Social Responsibility Corporate philanthropy is a form of CSR where a corporation extends monetary or non-monetary support to the community for the sake of improving its welfare and the quality of life.

Despite its inherent benefits, corporate philanthropy still remains a subject of debate. Social Responsibility and Good Governance are used interchangeably worldwide by individuals and corporations to show their associations with the activities.

THREE ESSAYS ON CORPORATE GOVERNANCE AND CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY by He Wang Bachelor of Arts Renmin University of China, Master of Arts Renmin University of China, Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements.

Corporate governance is concerned with holding the balance between economic and social goals and between individual and communal goals. The corporate governance framework is there to encourage the efficient use of resources and equally to require accountability for the stewardship of those resources.

This article outlines the relationship between corporate governance and corporate social. This sample essay examines how corporations and business use social media to promote their products and brand image online.5/5(2).

Oct 12,  · Corporate Social Responsibility Introduction In this essay the author will try to give an understanding of what is the Corporate Social Responsibility, why it is so important nowadays and we will analyse role of Lidl in this area in different dimensions.

Corporate governance and corporate social responsibility essay
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